Charles Dickens proclaimed that “the law is an ass.” Don’t be an ass by trying to be your own lawyer. Although each and every one of us has the right to act as our own lawyer in any legal proceeding, people who are not trained in the law have no way of knowing what pitfalls are awaiting them, and they may wind up paying a lot more money to clean up a mess than they needed to pay a lawyer to avoid it. Just because you have the right to act as your own lawyer does not mean that it is a wise thing to do so.

The web pages of the Law Office of Stephen N. Dorsi are for information only, and information provided on these web pages is not “legal advice.” The reader should not use this information without seeking “legal advice.” Your use of these web pages does not make me your lawyer.

I am not your lawyer just because of an e-mail or a letter, or a phone call. Information sent to me before I become your lawyer is not confidential. I become your lawyer only if I formally agree to provide legal services.

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